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My name is Sandra and I am humbled to be serving as the Senior Vice President for the upcoming Fall 2021 semester. I truly cannot imagine a better way to give back to this wonderful organization than being responsible for orchestrating this semester’s rush. One of the things that I love most about this fraternity is our strong brotherhood and I am so excited to demonstrate what it means to be a brother of Delta Sigma Pi during this rush semester.

Our three pillars of Professionalism, Philanthropy, and Brotherhood are at the core of this fraternity, so it is important that our rush process conveys those to potential new brothers. This organization has greatly enhanced my college experience and I cannot wait for a new class of bright and talented Gies students to join in becoming a part of our brotherhood!

If you have any questions regarding the rush process, feel free to reach out to us at


Check Back Soon for Official Dates!


Fill out the form in order to officially register to participate in business fraternity recruitment by Friday, January 29th at 11:59pm using the QR code above. Get to know our brothers and why we love DSP!


Come join us at Information Night and learn more about our chapter! Let us share about the brotherhood, professional, and philanthropic events we have that help prepare our members to be business leaders. Get to know us and see if you'd like to be part of our family! (Information Night is not part of the mandatory rush interview process, but it is highly encouraged)


This is another great chance for you to meet more brothers and learn more about Delta Sigma Pi. (Meet & Greet is not part of the mandatory rush interview process, but it is highly encouraged)


Check Back Soon for Official Dates!


 Business Professional

Official recruitment for Delta Sigma Pi starts with a professional night where you will be involved in short interviews with approximately 2-3 brothers in Delta Sigma Pi. During these interviews, we will also be trying to gain a better understanding of you professionally and your interest in the fraternity. You are welcome to ask more questions about the fraternity as well.



Smart Casual

The second mandatory part of rush is our social night. During this night, you will have more freedom to talk openly about whatever it is you are interested in. We will be assessing your ability to hold a casual conversation, and we are evaluating if you will be a good social fit in Delta Sigma Pi. This is an opportunity to ask current Deltasigs about the various social events and activities we host during the semester.



Business Professional

The third and final part of the rush process is a panel interview given by up to 7 Deltasigs. This night is by invitation only. After this interview is over, a member of Delta Sigma Pi will contact you within 24 hours regarding an invitation to join our newest pledge class!